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parish intro kit


To get Family Formation started in your parish, we strongly recommend you begin by ordering our Parish Intro Kit.  This kit introduces you to all of the pieces that make up the Family Formation program. 

A critical component of the Parish Intro Kit is the "Foundations of Family Formation" video containing:

  • the history of Family Formation
  • the Church's teaching about family catechesis
  • the importance of parental involvement in their children's faith formation
  • the blessing and fruits experienced from the use of this model

In addition to the philosophy behind Family Formation, the video also walks you through the many facets of the program and explains how they can become a reality in your parish.  

After you have experienced the Parish Intro Kit and have received the support of your parish priest and religious education staff and are ready to move forward, please contact our office in Minnesota at 763-757-1148 so we can help guide you through the start-up process.  

The Parish Intro Kit includes:

  • "Foundations of Family Formation" video contained on a USB drive
  • Sample K-6 Home Lessons, K-6 Classroom Lessons, and Preschool Home Lessons
  • First Communion and First Reconciliation Home Lesson Booklets
  • Our Sabbath Scripture Book
  • Liturgical Calendar
  • Priest Paper Doll with Vestments
  • Family Formation Prayer Booklet
  • W.O.G. Logs
  • and more information to help you get started with Family Formation!

Some materials are available in Spanish. Please call 763-757-1148 to request that these items be included in your Parish Intro Kit.

Item Price Qty.
Intro Kit $50.00
Total $50.00